1) Is there a free shuttle bus service from the train station?

No, there is no shuttle bus service. Please use the public bus.

Please see the Access page for details.

2) Are vegetarian meals available?

Are vegetarian meals available?
Yes, vegetarian meals can be prepared.
Please let us know when you make your reservation.
We would appreciate it if you could provide us with specific information, for example, whether meat or fish broth is acceptable in sauces and soups.

3) I have a food allergy.

Please let us know when you make your reservation.

(Please provide us with specific information.)

4)Do you accept credit cards?


5) How do I make a reservation?

We ask our guests to make reservations through our official English website. (We do not accept reservations by e-mail.)
The reservation page on our official website is the most up-to-date availability.

Please check from      “BOOK NOW”

6) How many months in advance can I reserve a room?

We accept reservations 6 months in advance, including this month.
Example: If today is June 1. – Reservations can be made from June to November.

7)I cannot make a reservation because my home address is not in Japan.

On the Japanese reservation page, you can only enter addresses in Japan.

If you are coming from overseas, please use the English reservation page. – Overseas addresses are acceptable.

Note: Do not enter a different address when making a reservation. (For example, the address of another Japanese hotel or an address outside your own country.)

English booking webpage.

8) If you are a big group (4 or more)

Due to the limited number of large rooms available, we recommend that you reserve two rooms separately.
In this case, please reserve one room at a time through the official website.

9) Do you have Higaeri-yu ( DAY-SPA )?

Yes, we do!
Business hours:  10:30 – 14:50 (last admission at 14:00)
Closed:  every Tuesday 
Fee:  Adult 1,000 yen Child 500 yen 

(Including onsen bathing fee and consumption tax, and you can relax in the River View Lounge.)

Face towels and bath towels are available at the front desk.

10)Do you open a private open-air bath for the day-tripper too? (DAY-SPA)

Yes, day-trip guests can reserve a private open-air bath in advance.
Open from 11:00 to 14:00 every hour (last reservation)
Closed: Every Tuesday
Fee: 3,300 yen/group + 1,000 yen/person.
Only 1 hour per group
(Example: 2 adults using the private bath for 1 hour: 3,300 yen + 1,000 yen x 2 persons)

How to make a reservation
Please fill in the required information below and send it to us.
Title Taenoyu one-day trip bathing reservation request
1) Your name 2) Number of guests 3) Time of use 4) Contact phone number and e-mail address

Email:  naoi@taenoyu.com

* Time has to be started from zero minutes.
   ex.11:00~ 12:00~ 13:00~ 14:00~

11) Can I reserve a private bathing room in advance? (STAY-OVER)

Sorry, but we don’t take private bathing room reservations in advance for our stay-over guests.

Please book a private bathing room when you check in. ( First-come and first-reserve basis.)

12) How can I get to other Nyuto Onsens?

There are 7 onsens in Nyuto.
Some of Onsens are within walking distance as below.

Ganiba — 3min — Ogama — 2min —【 Taenoyu 】— 5min — Kyukamura — 25min — Kuroyu — 5min — Magoroku — 20min — Ogama

If you would like to go to Tsurunoyu, or prefer not-walking, we recommend you to use Nyuto Onsen shuttle bus. ( Bus ticket is available at the front desk.)

About Nyuto Onsen shuttle bus and Onsen hopping → Check here! 

13) Can I leave our luggage before check-in or after check-out?

Yes, we will keep your luggage at the front desk. 
Please let us know.

*Any other inquiries ,

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